Mukhtasir Sahi Muslim

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mukhtasir Sahi Muslim

Title : Mukhtasir Sahi Muslim

Muslim Saleem; a Talented Urdu Poet and Short Story Writer

Muslim Saleem (Urdu: مسلم سلیم ) is an Urdu poet and journalist. Muslim Saleem was born in 1950 at Shahabad, Hardoi, Uttar Pradesh India, brought up in Aligarh, and educated at Aligarh Muslim University. He is the son of the well-known Urdu poet Saleem Wahid Saleem. He has lived in Bhopal, India since 1979. 

He began his career as a journalist on the Urdu-language newspaper Aftab-e-Jadeed. He has also worked in Hindi-language and English-language journalism, most recently as the chief copy editor of the Hindustan Times in Bhopal. 

He is the author of Aamad Aamad, a compilation of his poetry.
Several of his couplets are well known in the Urdu language. He won the Yaad-e-Basit Tarhi Mushaira, a poetry competition, in 1982. His ghazals and short stories have been published in Urdu-language publications Shair, Ahang, Asri, Adab, Agai, Naya Daur, Sada-e-Urdu, Nadeem and other periodicals and magazines.

Muslim Saleem is currently compiling a massive database of poets and writers of the Urdu language, both historic and currently active. His work in service of the Urdu language was recognized in a special 2011 edition of the periodical Abadi Kiran, devoted to his work.

Muhammad Aasim Butt; a Renowned Urdu Novelist and Short Story Writer

Muhammad Asim Butt (Urdu: محمد عاصم بٹ) is an Urdu novelist, short story writer, translator, researcher, editor, critic and journalist.

He has published one novel and two collections of short stories along with a number of books translated from English into Urdu and vice versa.

Butt also writes in English and has published Qissah Chahaar Darvaish (retelling of a classical tale of four saints in English).
Muhammad Asim Butt obtained a master's degree in philosophy from Government College University, Lahore, Pakistan. 

He started his career as a journalist but soon shifted to the development sector as human rights activist.

Most recently, he is working with Pakistan Academy of Letters, Govt. of Pakistan as Editor of quarterly Adabiyaat, a reputed literary magazine. He lives in Islamabad, Pakistan.
Muhammad Aasim Butt's work can be categorized into various genres of Urdu literature. Following is the detail of his work.

  • Ishtihaar Aadami (short stories) 1998

  • Daira (novel),2001

  • Dastak (short stories), 2010

  • Kabhi Na Khatm Hoanay Wali Kahaani (novel)


English to Urdu
  • So Azeem Aadami (by Michael Hart), 1992

  • Muhabbat Key Khatoot (by Khalil Gibran), 1993.

  • Kafka Kahanian (by Franz Kafka), 1994.

  • Mukhtasar Tareekh-e-Alam (by H G Wells), 1995.

  • Marco Polo Ka Safarnama (by Marco Polo), 1999.

  • Muhammad (by Karen Armstrong), 2002.

  • Toahamat ki Dunya (by Carl Sagan), 2003.

  • Jarey Key Phool (Japanese stories) 2003.

  • Sarif Nama (introduction of consumer rights) 2004.

Urdu to English
  • Tale of Four Saints (Retelling of Persian classic tale ‘Qissah Chahaar Darvaish’ into English)

  • Doosra Aadami (interviews)1993

  • Pakistan Sal Ba Sal, 1999

  • Abdullah Hussein: Shakhsiat Aur Fun, 2009

  • Democracy, 2010

  • Insaani Haqooq aur Urdu Sahaafat, 2005

Butt's literature has been the subject of Master's level research in the Urdu language department of the National University of Modern Languages (NUML), Islamabad in 2008 and M.Phil's level research at Punjab University, Lahore in 2011 and International Islamic University, Islamabad in 2011.

Aijaz Siddiqui; a Renowned Urdu Writer and Poet

Aijaz Siddiqi (Urdu: اعجاز صدیقی) (1911–1978) was a renowned Urdu writer and poet. He was the son of the famous Urdu poet, Seemab Akbarabadi. He was born in Agra, Uttar Pradesh. After having founded Qasr-ul-Adab in 1923, Seemab Akbarabadi had in the year 1930 started publication of a literary journal in Urdu from Agra titled Shair; he was its first editor. A few years later i.e. in 1935, in order to concentrate on the other than more important activities of Qasr-ul- Adab, he had handed over the charge of this magazine to Aijaz Siddiqi who carrying forward the tradition of his father remained its editor till 1978 long after the publication of Shair was shifted from Agra to Mumbai in 1947 and Seemab Akbarabadi had in 1951 died in Karachi. 

Mahendra Nath, the Urdu short-story writer and younger brother of Krishan Chander had also joined him to compile and edit several special issues of Shair.

Presently there exist two collections of his poems;
  • Khawabon ke masiha

  • Karb e khvud kalami, both published in 1966.

Englistan Men Islam Pdf

Monday, August 22, 2011

englistan main islam

Title : Englistan Main Islam

Aloom Hadees Fani,Fikri Aur Tareekhi Jaiza

Aloom Hadees Fani Fikri Tareekhi

Title : Aloom Hadees Fani,Fikri Aur Tareekhi Jaiza

Arkaan-e-Islam Su Mutalik Ahem Fatawe

Title : Arkaan-e-Islam Su Mutalik Ahem Fatawe

Muhabbat Ka Tehwar Valentine Day Kitab O Sunnat Ki Roshni Men

Muhabbat Ka Tehwar Valentine Day

Title : Muhabbat Ka Tehwar ''Valentine Day'' Kitab O Sunnat Ki Roshni Men

Ahl-E-Bait Aur Ashab-e-Rasool Ka Intakhab

ahl e bait ashab rasool

Title : Ahl-E-Bait Aur Ashab-e-Rasool Ka Intakhab

Islami Maheene Aur Budat Maruja

Islami Maheene Aur Budat Maruja

Title : Islami Maheene Aur Budat Maruja

Aur Saleeb toot Gai Pdf

Aur Saleeb toot Gai
Title : Aur Saleeb toot Gai

Qabaro Ki Ziarat Aur Sahib-e- Qabar Se Faryad

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Qabaro Ziarat Aur Sahib Qabar Faryad

Title : Qabaro Ki Ziarat Aur Sahib-e- Qabar Se Faryad

Mene bible Se Poocha Quran Kyun Jale ?

Mene bible Se Poocha

Title : Mene bible Se Poocha Quran Kyun Jale ?

Tarbiyat -e- Zaat pdf

Title : Tarbiyat -e- Zaat 

Nasiyaton Key 50 Phool

Title : Nasiyaton Key 50 Phool

Kalmago Mushrik pdf

Title : Kalmago Mushrik

Khatoon-e-Islaam pdf

Khatoon-e-Islaam pdf

Title : Khatoon-e-Islaam

Madina Munawara Key Tareekhi Makamaat

Madina Munawara Makamaat
Madina Munawara key tareekhi makamaat islamic book is authore dby imtiaz ahmed explains the history of madina munawara places in urdu pdf language.

Rizk Ki Kunjian Quran O Sunnat Ki Roshni Men

Rizk Ki Kunjian

Title : Rizk Ki Kunjian Quran O Sunnat Ki Roshni Men

Shariyat Key Mukarar Karda Fitri Haqooq

Shariyat Key Mukarar Karda Haqooq

Title : Shariyat Key Mukarar Karda Fitri Haqooq

Islam Hi Insaniat Ka Hal Hai

Islam Hi Insaniat Ka Hal Hai

Title : Islam Hi Insaniat Ka Hal Hai

Men Tauba to Karna Chahta Hun Lekin ?

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Title : Men Tauba to Karna Chahta Hun Lekin ?

Sahi Aur Mustanid Fazail Aamal

Title : Sahi  Aur Mustanid Fazail Aamal

Zaeef Aur Mozoo Riwayat

Title : Zaeef Aur Mozoo Riwayat

Kharji Firke Ki Pehchan

Title : Kharji Firke Ki Pehchan

Jannati Aurat Pdf

jannati aurat pdf
Jannati aurat is authored by ansar zubair muhammad explains woman of paradise or jannati aurat in urdu pdf language with the size of 26 mb in high quality format posted into islamic urdu books.Click on the below mentioned mediafire link for book.

Download Jannat Aurat pdf free


Jannat Aurat Urdu Islamic Book Read Online

Iqbal Kay Ba'az Halat; an Article on Iqbal by Ghulam Bhik Nairang

Friday, August 19, 2011

Syed Ghulam Bhik Nairang (September 26, 1876 - October 16, 1952) (Urdu: سید غلام بھیك نیرنگ ), also known as Meer Nairang, was a distinguished lawyer, a poet and a prominent Indian Muslim leader. He held office with the All-India Muslim League, India, pre-partition (1947). He was close friends with Allama Muhammad Iqbal, a college-mate and fellow poet. His compilation of poetry - Kalaam-e-Nairang was published in 1980s from Karachi.

Ghulam Bhik Nairang was a close friend of Allama Iqbal and they both have worked a lot for the Muslims of the subcontinent. An article on Iqbal by Ghulam Bhik Nairang titled "Iqbal Kay Ba'az Halat" [Some days of Iqbal], in which he described his relations and friendship with Iqbal, is posted here. I hope you will like it and it will increase your knowledge.

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