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Auranzeb alamgir book
Download or read on-line another interesting Urdu "Aurangzeb Alamgir", by Aslam Rahi. In the said book you will find the true story of a great Mughul personality and religious Muslim Mr. Aurangzeb Alamgir, who remained the King of the United India in 17th century. His father Shah Jehan was also remained the King of United India (Pakistan, India, Bangladesh). His father Shah Jehan were 4 sons and he proposed his elder son Dara Shikoh for kingdom, but Aurangzeb Alamgir became the king of the United India after his father, Shah Jehan. How this was happened? you should download and read the complete Urdu book "Aurangzed Alamgir" for more details about his kingdom, life story and more about his personality and Islam. 

                                        Brief Information of the book  
Book Name:Aurangzeb Alamgir
Writer:Aslam Rahi

 Sample pages of the Urdu book "Aurangzeb Alamgir" by Aslam Rahi.

Auranzeb alamgir pdf Urdu book

Auranzeb alamgir pdf Urdu book

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