Islam Our Dhestgardi by Haroon Yaha

Islam Our Dhestgardi by Haroon yaha

Some humans who say they are acting in the name of adoration may misunderstand their adoration or convenance it wrongly. For this reason, it is a aberration to anatomy any abstraction of that adoration from the activities of these people. The best way to accept Islam is through its angelic source. The angelic antecedent of Islam is the Qur'an; and the archetypal of chastity in the Qur'an is absolutely altered from the angel of it formed in the minds of some westerners. The Qur'an is based on the concepts of morality, love, compassion, mercy, modesty, self-sacrifice, altruism and peace, and a Muslim who absolutely lives according to these moral precepts is awful refined,   thoughtful, tolerant, accurate and accommodating. To those about him he gives love, respect,accord of apperception and a faculty of the joy of life.                


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