Yaksan Civil Code by Maulana Wahiduddin Khan

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Yaksan Civil Code by Maulana Wahiduddin Khan

 Free Download or read  online Urdu book "Yaksan Civil Code"  written by Maulana Wahiduddin Khan A Civil code is an efficient accumulation of laws intended to extensively manage the center regions of private law, for example, for managing business and carelessness claims and practices.[1] A ward that has a common code by and large additionally has a code of common method. In a few purviews with a common code, various the center regions of private law that would generally normally be classified in a common code might rather be systematized in a business code.the idea of codification goes again to aged Babylon. The most punctual surviving common code is the Code of Hammurabi, created around 1760 BC by the Babylonian ruler Hammurabi. The most renowned antiquated common code, nonetheless, is the Corpus Juris Civilis, a codification of Roman law delivered between 529-534 AD by the Byzantine head Justinian I, which structures the premise of common law lawful systems.other common codes utilized since aged times incorporate different writings utilized as a part of religious laws, for example, the Law of Manu in Hindu law, the Mishnah in Jewish Halakha law, the Canons of the Apostles in Christian Canon law, and the Qur'an and Sunnah in Islamic Sharia law to some degree.


An Ideal Life Partner Ideal Jeevan Sathi By Ruqayya Butt

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Ideal Jeevan Sathi By Ruqayya Butt

Free download or read online pdf urdu book An Ideal Life Partner Ideal Jeevan Sathi By Ruqayya Butt .There are the qualities that make an individual a perfect life accomplice. This PDF book will help to discover those qualities. At times, your life accomplice may not be what you anticipated. Thus, Instead of indiscriminately accepting somebody or after the dramatization stories, being a human you must understand the substances of life. Marriage is an Elementary part of solid life and it might be crushing some of the time in the event that you are with a wrong match. The reasons we begin to look all starry eyed at are frequently a secret, the reasons we stay in adoration are far less slippery. So I would better encourage you to peruse this book by Ruqayya butt. It's better to download from the connections beneath as opposed to perusing online . There may be no such thing as the ideal accomplice, however a perfect accomplice might be found in somebody who has created themselves in specific ways that go past looks, charms and achievement. Despite the fact that we each one search out a particular set of characteristics that is extraordinarily serious to only us, there are sure mental qualities both you and your accomplice can strive for that make the relationship a great deal more probable for enduring achievement. We are displaying this book free online.as Per this book,the perfect accomplice is open and undefended, and is ready to be powerless. Subsequently, they are receptive and responsive to input without being excessively delicate about any subject. Their openness additionally empowers them to be blunt in communicating sentiments, musings, dreams and yearnings. It incorporates an enthusiasm toward individual and sexual improvement. You are clearly not looking to Purchase Structured Settlements yet you are scanning for a life partner.the perfect accomplice is effortlessly tender and responsive on numerous levels: physically, sincerely and verbally. They are close to home, recognizing and apparently illustrative of emotions of warmth and delicacy. They revel in closeness in being sexual and are uninhibited in openly giving and tolerating friendship and delight amid lovemaking. It is best than an Endowment Selling to peruse this PDF by saving a little time.


Dekh Liya America by Ali Sufian Afaqi

Dekh Lea America by Ali Sufian Afaqi

Free Download or read online an alternate Urdu book about America and the People of America and research the in addition to and constructive purposes of USA in Urdu dialect. The title name of the book is "Dekh Liya America" (I saw America) and the writer of this book is Mr. Ali Sufyan Afaqi. This book is contained the visit story of Mr. Ali Sufyan Afaqi to America. What did the creator find in the United States of America? to know, Download this complete book for nothing.The great book of Ali Sufian Afaqi .In this book the writer tells about his adventure of America ,The Living of America Buildings,people of America, their Foods Furthermore Author likewise lets some know new and intersting things of America that nobody could feel in the recent past.So Download This Book and visit America at Home. Kindly keep in mind to impart it on facebook and twitter. To peruse all books by Ali Sufian Afaqi click here. You can read and download an expansive accumulation or urdu books, english books, hindi books, islamic history books and books in other foriegn dialects here.


Mein Aik Jasoos Tha by Tariq Ismail Sagar

Mein ek jasoos tha
Main Ek Jasoos Tha Urdu novel is a standout amongst the most celebrated Urdu books by Tariq Ismail. The story of this novel is astonishing and sublime. The story in this novel is described by first individual storyteller. The novel is around a Pakistani spy who enters to India with his aide specifically Dulla for a mystery mission. The primary objective of the spy is to gather mystery data about Ludhiyana Airport in India. However the spy likewise experiences passionate feelings for an Indian young lady which makes this novel a smidgen romantic.free download or read online an exceptionally fascinating Urdu spy novel "Main Ek Jasoos Tha" and appreciate an extremely lovely story of a Pakistani spy. Main Aik Jasoos Tha is a famous Urdu reconnaissance novel created by Mr. Tariq Ismail Sagar who is not just a well known Urdu creator and writer additionally a famous columnist and reconnaissance master. He has likewise composed numerous Urdu books about reconnaissance like Jasoos Kaise Banta Hai and Shaitani Kaneesa. Mr. Tariq Ismail Sagar is likewise best known for his secret activities related books and Urdu spy books. He has gathered numerous fans due to his books and novels.main Aik Jasoos Tha is here in Pdf  arrange and finish yet the text style and nature of the novel is not excessively great.. This novel is not excessively short or excessively long yet comprising 317 pages just.



Beheshti Gohar: Beheshti Gohar is basically about a Men problem. In this book almost all problems discuss about men related. The book contain very sensitive problem which we face in our daily life. The book according my knowledge must study once.


Nasihat K 50 Phool نصِحت کے پچاس پھول

Nasihaton K 50 Phol: The book is about Sermon and all the sermons are in the light of  Islam.This is a really a very best book of advice.

Ager Mujjhe Qatal Kia Giya.....

Book about the Pakistan Peoples Party Founder Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto death. The book contain a very alarming information about the death of Zulfiqar Ali bhutto. The book was not published in Martial When Bhutto was Scaffold or noose because Martial Strictly prohibited the publication of this types books.  


Taleem-o-Terbiat August 2014

Kids Learning Book. In which each and every things are clear with a pictures. The book also contain very interesting story which are specially develop for kids. All the stories are very instructive and informative.

Adobe Photoshop Tutorial Book in Urdu Kutub Free Download in PDF

Friday, August 29, 2014

ایڈوپ فوٹو شاپ
کی اردو کتاب
Adobe PhotoShop Tutorial Book in Urdu

Free Download or read online Urdu book "Adobe Photoshop Tutorial Book in Urdu" (Lets learn Adobe Photoshop). Free regulated Adobe Photoshop excercises for any expertise level. I am offering this book on this web journal as the on the book spread it is composed to spread this learning and certainly the credit of this book goes to Khuram Ahjaz. The said book is exercises Urdu pdf book about illustrations outlining the essayist shows this with the assistance of Photoshop , so on the off chance that you are eager to learn Photoshop in Urdu dialect then this book is for you. Any peruser of this book can undoubtedly comprehend representation outlining with the assistance of Photoshop  as this book is straightforward due to pictures and screenshots in the book. When you have learnt Adobe Photoshop , then adapting simple for you. Photoshop is a standard name in visual computerization for web utilization, print format, and the sky is the limit from there. Perceived worldwide as the business standard, Photoshop offers a standout amongst the most hearty illustrations altering encounters accessible. Learn tips and traps, cool impacts, and how to utilize the Photoshop devices all the more viably.


Al Istighfar Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi RA

Al Istighfar Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi RA

Free Download or read online islamic urdu book in pdf format written by Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi RA.Istighfar ( استغفار‎ )likewise Astaghfirullah or astagfirullah ( أستغفر الله‎ ) is the demonstration of looking for absolution from God. This demonstration is by and large done by rehashing the Arabic words astaghfirullah, signifying "I look for pardoning from Allah". It is viewed as one of the vital parts of love in Islam.people regularly overlook the imperativeness of the straightforward yet effective dua (supplication) – Istighfar i.e., saying "Astaghfirullah" (I look for absolution of Allah). Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) presented this no less than 100 times each day. Give us a chance to see the profits and ideals of recounting this straightforward lovely supplication insha Allah.istighfar evacuates tension and duas are answered.istighfar opens the entryway of sustenance.istighfar opens the entryway of mercy.istighfar opens the entryway of mercy.istighfar opens the entryway of knowledge.istighfar is likewise passage of productivity.istighfar soothes you. When you feel that misery inside you, when you are irritated and baffled, when uneasiness encompasses you, say "Astaghfirullah" .Reciting Astaghfiruallah is a viable strategy for quieting our self and wipes away the mixture of common stresses from our brain and body. It might likewise help us, in the event that we are experiencing melancholy, it cool us and reduce our depression.astaghfirullah additionally helps us to shun all manifestations of sins. Normally saying this reminds us that Allah is all around and along  these  lines there is little risks of doing.


Pukhtun Code of Life

Pukhtuns inhabit the North-West Frontier Province of Pakistan as a major ethnic group of the populace. Most parts of the land they occupy remained independent, and without a centralized government of its own for most of its known history. It is due to the geographical nature of the land, being mostly hilly, that it is not easily accessible and it is difficult to maintain a hold and firm control over it, in the absence of advanced means of communication and other required things, which were not found in the earlier times. Then question arises that in the absence of a centralized authority, control and formal government and governmental machinery, what regulated and ruled the lives and actions of the Pukhtuns; and what maintained peace and ensured security in their tribal and semi cephalous society. The answer, however, is not difficult to find.
Despite the fact that the society remained tribal and individualistic to some extent, the lives and actions of the people had been regulated and ruled by unwritten but well-defined and well-known customs, norms, codes and rules called Pukhtu also written as Pashto and Pakhtu, which is also the name of the language of the people. It is a commonly known saying that Pukhtu is not only a language but is also the code, which governs the lives of those who speak it.-The term 'Pukhtunwali' is also used for 'Pukhtu'. To an outsider and a casual observer the society might have seemed disorderly, but it was, in fact, a well knit and regulated one.

Khwateen K Lye Jadid Masail

Women Modern Problems: The book is all about the Modern Problem of Women and its solution in the light of Islam. The book is really Play a Pearl role in the problems of women. The book also describe the Modern Education Problem in the Light of Islam.

Farishto K Ajib Halat By Mullana Imdad Ullah Anwer

The book is about the Angel. The book is very nice because its describe the full information about Angel. So i say the book once must read because mostly Muslims know about Angel very little.

IRAN Between Two Revolutions

IRAN Between Two Revolutions:This work began in 1964 as a study on the social bases of the Tudeh
party, the main communist organization in Iran. Focusing on the short
period between the party's formation in 1941 and its drastic repression
in 1953, the original work tried to answer the question why an organization
that was clearly secular, radical, and Marxist was able to
grow into a mass movement in a country noted for its fervent Shi'ism,
traditional monarchism, and intense nationalism. The study, however,
gradually expanded as I realized that the Tudeh success could not be
fully assessed without constant references to the failures, On the one
hand, ofits many contemporary nationalistic parties; and, on the other
hand, of its ideological predecessors, especially the Social Democrats
of 1909-1919, the Socialists of the 1920s, and the Communists of the
1930s. The study further expanded as the 1977-1979 revolution unfolded,
shattered the Pahlevi regime, and brought to the fore not the
Tudeh but the clerical forces. Thus the study has evolved into an
analysis of the social bases of Iranian politics, focusing on how socioeconomic
development has gradually transformed the shape of Iranian
politics from the eve of the Constitutional Revolution in the late
'nineteenth century to the triumph of the Islamic Revolution in February
The book is divided into three parts. Part I provides a historical
background to the understanding ofmodern Iran, surveying the nineteenth
century, the Constitutional Revolution, and the reign of Reza
Shah. Part II analyzes the social bases of politics in the period between
the fall of Reza Shah's autocracy in August of 1941 and the establishment
ofMuhammad Reza Shah's autocracy in August 1953. These
thirteen years are the only major period in the modern era in which
the historian can look below the political surface into the social infrastructure
of Iranian politics, and thereby examine in depth the
ethnic as well as the class roots of the various political movements.
Readers who are not interested in the internal workings of the communist
movement in this period are advised to skim Chapters 7 and
8, which examine in detail the class and ethnic bases of the Tudeh

Nifaz Shariat Ketna Mushkil Ketna Asaan

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Dialectician(Nifaz) Of  Shariat Is Easy and Difficult: The book is totally about Dialectician of Shariat. The book is really very instructive and informative. 

Pukhtun Women

|Pakhtun Women

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