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Humzad Ka Ishq Novel
Free download or read online beautiful Urdu novel "Humzad Ka Ishq" authored by Inayat Ullah Dehlvi who is a famous Urdu novelist, best Urdu story chooser and may be the chief editor of Urdu digest monthly Darr. Humzad Ka Ishq is the Urdu title name of this Urdu novel which based on the historic story of an Egyptian City. The story is about the king Remesis/Firon. The title name of the novel Humzad Ka Ishq shows that the story of novel is romantic and also a horror story because of the black magician.

Humzad Ka Ishq's story is also published in the monthly Darr Urdu digest in parts. After getting so many appreciation, the editor of Monthly Darr Urdu digest decided to publish the story in the form of a novel book. This novel is the masterpiece of Inayat Ullah Dehlvi who worked hard to create such a great historic fiction. He titled the story as Humzad Ka Ishq which is very attractive and as interesting as the story. 

Humzad Ka Ishq Novel is here in Pdf format, as long as 287 pages with the disk size of 4.3. Humzad Ka Ishq is an Urdu novel and you can free download or read online this Urdu novel from the blinking buttons in the table below.  

Sample Pages of the Urdu Novel "Humzad Ka Ishq" By Inayat Ullah Dehlvi 

Representation of the Urdu Novel Humzad Ka Ishq by Inayat Ullah

Representation of the Urdu Novel Humzad Ka Ishq by Inayat Ullah

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