Economics 5080 Question and Answers

Friday, July 31, 2015

Economics Question and Answers : All questions are study and number of the question are 5080 with full answers . This question and answers are from prominent author or writer of economics which once you read or study we sure you will betterment . We present some of the important question and answers of the book for your kind review  and study that you can easily decide that the book is really very good and informative . So these are the few question .
Q : How are wealth and happiness are related..?
Answers of Slamo : People think wealth as money value or possessing you own in life but does money always bring happiness ? Happiness bring me a feeling that money cannot give me .
Q : What reasons might Marx have to change from his original formulation : “ The two factor of commodity are use-value and exchange value : to the formulation . “ the factor of the commodity are use-value and value ..?.
Q : The first sentence of Capital says that commodities are the social form of wealth in the capitalist societies . what does Marx mean by “ social form of wealth ? what by contrast , would be content of wealth be? .
So this are the just a few question without answers for your review but these question also contain answers of various author or writer of economics . If like this book then please scroll down and find out the two links or buttons . both button are downloading this book or reading online . Please be remember we upload all books just for reading soft copy . If you want print this book then please take permission from the book author or publisher . This book full of economics information which is very important for the candidate of economics . The author of the book use very simple words which everyone can familiar with all these words .
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Islami Tareekhi Kahaniyan Pdf Urdu Book Download Free

Islami Tareekhi Kahaniyan
Islami Tereekhi Kahaniyan Pdf Urdu book is here for free download and read online. This Urdu book is authored by Naeem Ahmad Baloch who has collected very interesting and moral stories from the past history of Islam. He has collected very awesome historical stories of Islam in this Urdu book Islami Tareekhi Kahaniyan. This book was nominated for 3rd prize by National Book Foundation in a nation wide competition. Islami Tareekhi Kahaniyan is very recommended for Muslim children as well. There are a lot of information about the Islamic History. 

"Islami Tareekhi Kahaniyan" is the title name of this Urdu book which means Islamic Historical Stories. There are 6 stories in this Urdu book which are mentioned as below;
  1. Hazrat Salih A.S Ki Oontni
  2. Kirdar Ki Jannat
  3. Maan Ka Bharosa
  4. Anokha Safar
  5. Sirf Allah se Darne Walay
  6. Tareekh Ki Yad'dihani

Islami Tarikhi Kahaniyan Urdu book is here in Pdf format and as long as 45 pages with a small disk size of 0.9 MB only. You can free download or read online this Urdu book from the table below. 
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Neend Shart Nahe (نیند شرط نہیں) Urdu Poetry Book Free Download

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Neend Shart Nahi : This one of the fabulous and mind blow book of Urdu poetry which all poetry are really heart touching and noble . This is not only a poetry book of Urdu but this is also one of the most important Instructive book in the language of poetry . This book once your read we are sure your heart and soul will feel comfort and rest . This also important to know about the book poet or author . The author of the book is Khwaja Javeed Akhter which belong from West Bengal Small industrial city Kanki Narah . Father name is Khwaja Sharif Ul Haq ( Late ) and Mother name is  Qaisrah Bannu 9 ( Late ) . Born place Kanki Narah , 24 Pergna West Bengal , Date of birth Dec 02 ,1964 , Education M A Ali Garh Muslim University India , Profession Employee in Account General Office Utter Pardish Ala Abad India . So this was the short life history of the poet of the book . So it is also important to write down some good poetry of the book .
:  Nikal Tuo Ayien Hum Ess Ujjray Hoye Makan Say
:  Rooz Awal Say Lagi Hoye Ye Burayee
:  Samjh Na Saka Aaj tak Keh Mein Kia Hon
:  Jou Bhi Mehfal Mein Bubarah Ajaye gaa
:  Howa Nasib Na Saya Na Saiban Mujhe
:  Barrey Shehron Mein Dikha Hai Ziada Ter Nahe Melta
:  Seenay Dard Aur Ankh Mein Ansu nahe Hai Kia
:  Ankhein tou Bichaye Hai Nazer Aye na Aye
:  Merna Bhi Pare Tou Bhi Yahe Kan Karin
:  Mein Kaise Loot K Ger Jaonga Yaron
:  Khod Ikhtiar Mein ne Ki Rah-e-Farar
:  Me Chahta Hon Dosto Say Dosti Bani Rahein
So this is the some of important snip short of the book if you want to know more about this book Urdu poetry book please scroll down and download or read online this book . For downloading or read online we upload this book on two links one is Light Green and the other is Pink . Both link are below this book front page or Image . Our best experience staff also try day and night to upload best Urdu poetry book to our best users free of cost . Keep in touch with us for new upcoming books . For new books please like our Facebook Page . If you do not find out your choice books please send request on our official email address or fill our contact form also . Thank you to visit our blog .

Business Communication Book free Download

Business Communication . This fabulous book also show from name that express all about business communication .  The word Communication  come from the Latin word Communicare which means to imparts .  The business world now become global and communication now become more complex . Communication across countries or culture and house required a good and excellent communication skill that would enable peoples from different land to interact with each other so as to achieve  some common objective .  Communication can be internal and external : Internal or interpersonal  V is the way that we talk with our self . Communication may be involve in Human , Machine and Animals . Communication involve in Machine like Computer , Human use computer to improve communication between them .  it’s also important to human that know how we communicate with animals because nonverbal behavior of human and animals is quite similar .
Downward communication is the flow of communication from peoples to higher level to those the lower level in the organization hierarchy . this type of communication implies the authoritarian structure of an organization . it is full use for the purpose of Instruction  and information from top level to lower level about policies and procedures .
Upward Communication : This kind of communication go from subordinate  to superior  and continues  up the organizational hierarchy .Unfortunately , Manager is the communication chain who filter the information specially unfavorable   message to their superior .
So this is the short summary of the book just for your kind review and information . This book once must read this will improve your communication skill . This book important for all types of persons Job seeker , Manager , Leaders , teacher and etc . Because communication is very important in every stage of life they may private also .
This book you can download , read online and share free of cost . We upload this book on two links one is light green and the other is pink . Why we upload on two links . for users easiness we upload on two links . if one link is fail you can download from another mention link .  So if you want print or republish this book please must take permission from author or publisher of the book . we only upload book just for reading not for print out . So always keep in touch with us for upcoming new books . So download this best Business communication book free of cost .

Air Hostess by Saloni Tariq Pdf Urdu Novel Download Free

Air Hostess Urdu Novel
The Urdu Novel "Air Hostess" is here for free download and read online. Air Hostess Urdu novel is authored by Ms. Saloni Tariq who is a digest writer, Urdu short and long stories writer, social writer and a well known Urdu novelist. She has written many other stories that were published in different Urdu magazines/digests and Urdu novels. 

Air Hostess Urdu novel is the story of Air Hostess in Urdu language. The story is written in first person narration. The narrator of this story says that she get allowance for making smile on her face because she is an air hostess. The story of this novel seems to be a true story. The Air Hostess has discussed her every experience. She has written about her experiences as an Air Hostess. She has also written the stories of some unforgettable passengers. This story was first published in an Urdu magazine and later one transcribed into an Urdu novel with the title name "Air Hostess".

Air Hostess Urdu novel is here in Pdf format and as long as 580 pages. You can free download or read online this Urdu novel from the table below the sample pages.
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Maholiyat Ki Reporting ( ماحولیات کی رپورٹنگ)

Reporting On the Environment : Maholiyat Ki Reporting  :  This reporting book is prepared by Asian  Forum of  Environmental  Journalist ( A F E J )  and translated to Urdu by Sheikh Riaz Ahmad . The world make so fast progress and invented new way of  reporting so the world become a global village . Nothing is far away from any person . News Agencies  like Tele Printer , Millions of Television Channels  , World telephone Services , Internet ,  Daily Newspapers and etc give day and night wide range of Information to Public about Environment .
Printing is the first and important source of mass communication . Before printing the information , Ideas and thinking convey to public through two sources one is Verbally communication form and the other is hand writing .  So on these ways the much of information convey to public is not possible . Through verbal information one of the biggest problem is that the information not stored . The listener just believe on his recall or remembrance . Book method is also use but this method was very comprehensive and spend much of time . When printing press invented then bring a great revolution in Communication . So printing press give access of information and knowledge to common man .
First Newspaper was published from Bengal after East India Company in 1780 . 1822 first  Urdu Newspaper  : Jam-e-jahan Numa :  was published . In south Asia the first Newspapers was publish by under the Supervision of Foreigner during 1857 freedom movement  . So this time its necessary to bring awareness in public about Freedom and politics . So now you may also observe all south Asia newspapers also full of Politics .  So this is the result of 1857 freedom movement against British government .
This is very nice and informative book for all new trainee in the field of Journalism . This book will give you very nice tips and tricks that how you report about environment . Environment report is very complex and want very enough information not only about environment but also want information roundabout also .  This book once you start reading you will never keep aside before end .  This is one of the most excellent and fabulous book about  environment in Urdu .
Download ,Share and read online this book of Urdu about Environment  free of cost .   For downloading and reading online this book  please go down and find out the two links or buttons . One is light Green ( Download Book From Link A ) and the other  is Pink ( Download Book From Link B ) . Both links for downloading and reading . If one is fail then you may download or read online from other mention link .
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It is also important to know about book author , publisher and etc . The author of the book which translate to Urdu by  Sheikh Riaz Ahmed , Publish by Mashalbook  Lahore , Pages of the book 212 and size of the book is 15.18 MB . So enjoy with us wide range of free books.

Cultivation of Citrus Fruit (Orchard) in Urdu

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Citrus Orchard in Urdu Free Download

ترشاوہ پھل کی کاشت

Cultivation of Citrus Fruit (Orchard) in Urdu

Book title Citrus Orchard in Urdu, how to Cultivation of Citrus Fruit. Very important booklet fo agriculture sudents and farmers. Pakistan is additionally the most important producer of 'Citrus Reticula' selection (Kinow).Pakistan is that the sixth largest producer of Kinow (mandarin) and oranges within the world, with 2.1 million tons. Pakistan world mandarin and oranges market share throughout the year 1997 was 0.9 p.c and 3.6 p.c in terms useful and volume severally. Pakistan is additionally the biggest producer of 'Citrus Reticula' selection (Kinow), this distinctive style of citrus is autochthonous to the present a part of the planet. in keeping with associate degree estimate approx. ninety five p.c of the overall Kinow created everywhere the planet is big in Pakistan. Read online or download pdf copy of this boolet from end of the post.

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Tareekh ul Khulfa by Imam Suyuti Islamic History Urdu Book PDF

تاریخ الخلفاء

Tareekh-ul-khulfa Imam Suyuti

 Tareekh Ul Khulfa Book Free Download

Download Islamic Khalifa history pdf book Tareekh-ul-Khulifa Author Name Hafiz jalal u din Abdul Rehman bin Abubakar Imam Suyuti and translated in Urdu by Hazrat Shams Barelwi, publish by Progressive books. Read online without any difficulty.This is one among the classic works on the khulafa-e-Rashideen authored by one among the leading students of his time. Imam Jalaluddin Al-Suyuti conjointly called Ibn al-Kutb (son of books) was associate in Nursing Egyptian author, a spiritual scholar adhering to the shafi'i madhhab, jural knowledgeable & teacher whose works modify a good style of subjects in Islamic theology. He was one among the foremost prolific writers in his era and is maybe the foremost well-known author of the latter times. He left behind a minimum of a book in each branch of Islamic science.

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Illaj e Nabvi aur Jadeed Science Pait Ki Bimariyan Urdu Books

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

علاج نبوی ؐ اور میڈیکل سائنس
پیٹ کی بیماریاں

Illaj e Nabvi aur Jadeed Science Pait Ki Bimariyan

Pdf book Illaj e Nabvi aur Jadeed Science

Free Download or read online tibbi book Elaj e Nabvi Aur Jadeed Science - Pait Ki Bimariyan by Dr Khalid Ghaznawi. A PDF format Copy of book in Urdu for offline and on-line reading. This book about Islamic Tibb very important information about Tibb and medical Science.

Tarikhi Shagofay by Amjad Ali Amjad

Monday, July 27, 2015

تاریخی شگوفے
امجد على امجد

Tarikhi  Shagoofe by Amjad Ali Amjad

Tarikhi Shagofay pdf free download

The conclusive collection of Urdu shagofay. Free Download or browse on-line Pdf copy book of "Tarikhi Shagoofay " written by Amjad Ali Amjad. it is collecton of historical jokes there are Urdu Funny and attractive book. Go end of the post download this file or read online with out any difficulty.

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Berg-e-Ney (برگِ نے) By Nasir Kazmi Free Download

Berg-e-Ney : Best design and documented book of Urdu poetry which you can download and read online free . This book is written in the time when poetry is not considered as a status symbols just a field or work of free peoples . The singer traveled to village to village and city to city  and spread and refresh peoples with sweet voice and noble poetry . The author of the book written in his book that when my first edition of the book published  I feel that this is the waste of time but when public or the lovers of my Poetry appeal to publish the second time once again your this book . So then I feel my poetry is really noble and heart touching . This is was the time of  1954 when my first edition of the book is published and my second Edition was published in 1957 . So this is one of the best and prominent book of Urdu poetry and this book is a excellent and fabulous gift for all those Urdu poetry love and also for those who like and love specially the poetry of Nasir Kazmi . This is heart and soul touching  poetry of Urdu which once you start reading you never keep it a side before ending .  The poet of the book is also express all poetry in a very beautiful and simple words which you can easily understand and can enjoy . So if you want to read more about this poetry book please scroll down and search out the two buttons or links one is DOWNLOAD BOOK FROM LINK A and the other is DOWNLOAD BOOK FROM LINK B . Both links are for book downloading and reading . Our best experience team struggle day and night to design best poets Urdu poetry books and upload to our honorable and valuable users free . Dear all please keep in mind if you prints or published this book please take permission from publisher or author we only upload book for reading . if possible please delete this book after reading . So lets come to know about book poet , size and etc . The poet of the book is Nasir Kazmi , Pages of the book are 104 , Size f the book is 1.40 MB and format of the book is PDF . So enjoy all books free with our blog and keep in touch with us for all new uploads . So thanks once again to visit out blog . Download Best Urdu Poetry Book of Nasir Kazmi free of cost  in PDF format.

Dunya Ko Islam Say Kis Kis Trah Roka Giya.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Dunya ko Islam Say Kis Kis Trah Rooka Gia..?  How the world keep Away from Islam ..? : This book is also show from name that express very flashing Issue about Islam . From Start the enemies of Islam try to prove that Islam is Spread through Sword but the author of the book written that this is totally nonsense and this is the biggest propaganda against Islam . The enemies of Islam Say the mission of Jihad is to spread Islam through a force . To prove this slogan of Islamic Enemies that Islam is spread through force there are so many Islamic Scholars speeches and written many books about this . But we written one of the most recommended book about this propaganda of Islamic Enemies ( Dunya Mein Islam Q kar Phila ) ( Why Islam Spread in Universe ) . So this book : Dunya ko Islam Say Kis Trah Roka Giya..? is the another  answers of the slogan of the Islamic enemies . This book prove all about Islam with Events and History that Islam is spread through a good Law and order . I write down one of my life event  when my father resign from Dar-ul-Deoband and try day and night for Tahrik e Pakistan . One day after Jumma Prayer  larg number of Ullama Islam Gather in our house about some problem . All say let’s go toward  Sheik ul addab and take decision about this problem . So my Father send me to his house and say check that he is in his room or not . When I reach to his room . His room was locked and I do not think that ask from some that where is Sheikh-ul-Addab..? So I act like child and directly force on door and door opened . I was shock because this time he was half in sleep . When I open the door he wake up and ask Kheriat..? I replied that my father and his friends ( Ullama ) said to me check his room he is in room ..? They want some decision from you . He direct go to his house  . So for more please download or read online this best Islamic History book in Urdu free .  This is one of the best Instructive and informative book of Islam in Urdu language . This book once you start reading we are sure you never aside this before to end . This book give you very amazing history that how Enemies of Islam Stop peoples to embrace Islam . The author of the book also use very simple and easy world which is everyone familiar with all these words .  So this also important to know about book author , publisher and much more . The author of the book is Hazrat Maulana Izaz Ali , Book published by Edarat-ul-Maarif Karachi ,Pakistan ,  Pages of the book are 123 , Size of the book in MB is 2.55 , Format is PDF and date of publication is Dec, 1998 . So for downloading or reading Online this Best Islamic History Book In Urdu please scroll down and find out the two buttons one is Download Book From Link A and the other is Download Book From Link B .  So those who want any suggestion about blog or books . Please feel free and leave your suggestion in comments box or send through our email address or Contact form . Your suggestion will be highly appreciated and we never share or store your personal information with any third party .

Bus Routes Karachi January 2010 PDF Free Books in Urdu Download

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Bus Routes Karachi January 2010

Free download booklet for Karachi user Karachi Mini bus and bus routes 2010, public transport service in Karachi route details in Karachi.Mini Buses Coaches CNG Buses Routes Search Bus Routes to Start Point and End Point Search bus Routes by Area.The city of Karachi could be a major transport hub of the Asian nation. The Karachi port and field square measure major gateways to an Asian nation. The Karachi Railway stations transport the key a part of Pakistan's trade with different countries.Minibuses, coaches and enormous buses (all with a separate compartment for women) generally offer the most cost effective thanks to commuting across the town. Rickshaws, chinches and taxis cater to the movement desires of higher socio-economic class, whereas radio cabs or white cabs square measure often utilised by class travellers. This makes it attainable for individuals while not their own vehicles to access remote areas of the town.Karachi has 3 forms of taxis: Yellow Taxi, Black Cabs and, therefore, the Taxi Cab firms. These cab firms square measure; railway line Cab (Corolla) Radio Cab (Nhhn) White Cab (Corolla) Red high (Liana) Pearl Cab (Corolla) Star Cab (Corolla) Pak Cab These cabs are principally employed in airports.The individuals of Karachi use minibuses, coaches, and enormous buses. they're typically incommodious and stuffed to the brim. they're typically operated by reckless drivers UN agency don't follow the foundations of the road, endangering several. In 2008, the town civil authority ordered fifty CNG buses for usage rather than the previous minibuses with no fastened routes.Trucks, containers and little Suzuki square measure accustomed transport product in the Asian nation. There square measure several product transporters and forwarders UN agency transport regionally by road altogether areas of Karachi. Easily download pdf file from the end of the post.

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Hungamon Ka Shehar Pdf Ishtiaq Ahmed Novel

Hungamon Ka Shehar Ashtiaq Ahmed
Hungamon ka shehar novel is written by ishtiaq ahmed explains an adventure jasoosi spy urdu story. This suspense book has the size of 7 mb in pdf format and posted into urdu jasoosi books and ishtiaq ahmed pdf novels. Khan rehman stopped the car when he entered into city. Is it ok daddy or is there any defect found in car, says naaz. No daughter, first we will find any hotel then we will move forward, replied naaz father. He high his hand for bike man who was crossing by. Biker speeded his bike when he saw khan rehman and crossed them fast. He was a mental, hamid said. Yes he looks mental, look there is a bicycle man coming here and when he reached closed, rehman said him to stop. One minute brother, rehman said to bicycle man and when bicycle man saw him, he also speeded his bicycle. Rehman got surprised and came out of car. I don't know why but this city is full of mantels. This time a man was walking by and when rehman asked him for one minute, he also ran away but rehman held his hand. Walking man started shivering, I am a poor man, whatever you want, take from me but please let me go, dont kill me, he said. Are you gone mad, why would i kill you, i am a peaceful man, khan rehman said to him. What ? are you a peaceful man? said walking man. why dont i look peaceful to you? khan asked. In this city there is no one peaceful. Walking man said, he was still shivering. Use the below mentioned mediafire link to download hangamon ka shehar urdu novel pdf or read online ishtiaq ahmed jasoosi story on dropbox free.



Eid ka poora ka chand novel by Naila Tariq

Eid ka poora ka chand by Naila Tariq 
is a romantic novel,published in a monthly digest.
Naila Tariq is one of those few writers,
who keep their readers bound with them,due to
their unique writing style. She mainly writes fiction.
She is best known or her novels Chandani gungunany
lagi,Khilte hen gul yahan and Chahat ki jeet.
Free download or Read Online this book/novel
 Eid ka poora ka chand by Naila Tariq  

Downloa Link (MediaFire)

Hunar by Nighat Azami

Hunar  by Nighat Azami
Hunar  by Nighat Azami 

is a social romantic novel, it was bublised in

a monthly digest.Nighat Azmi is a senior writer, who has
remarkable novels on her credit.She chooses a variety
of topics to write about.She mainly writes fiction, and has
written legendaryUrdu novels.Free download
urdu book/novel Hunar by Nighat Azami  

from here.Click on the link given below.

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Global Sciences Magazine In Urdu

Global Science Magazine : This is one of the best and noble Magazine in Urdu language which delivered you a very noble and amazing information about Sciences which never you seen before this . What is Science and what is not.. ?. Science is non finished journey and it discover and produce new and noble invention .In modern time Some Analyst say Science is basically secular which have no religious but its totally wrong and prejudice with science . if we read the invention of science we definitely find out the creation of ALLAH .  Now we present the Contents of the Magazine .
01.                        How we produce electricity from flowing water …?
02.                        Desi Air condition Creation by  fahim Ahmad Khan
03.                        Aero weapons Complex by Nadeem Ahmad
04.                        Fact of Exercise Hakeem Faizan Shahid baloch
05.                        Cyber Crimes and Pakistan  Bilal Akram Kashmiri
06.                        Computer and Troubleshooting
07.                        Free and informative downloading by Fahim Ahmad Khan
08.                        Natural 576 Mega Pixel Camera M bilal Ahmad
09.                        Water …! Is life and health by komal Ijaz
10.                        Journey of Light by Danish A Shahzad
11.                        D N A by Aleem Ahmad
12.                        Sciences Question and Sciences Answers by Nauman Bin Malik
25000 Mega watt Electricity still wait for Pakistani Leader and Scientist .  If Pakistan give preference toward river water they can easily get 25000 mega watt electricity on very low cost . The magazine very clearly express all about 25000 mega watt electricity in Pakistan . So this is very informative and instructive magazine about science and country natural resources . So this book is also nice and excellent gift for those who like and want science magazine or book . This book give you enough knowledge and information which never read you before this . if we talk about electricity that we get from water . we directly think that their will be hug number of turbines and Dames but this is not totally right .  Lets come toward example that we get electricity from water without turbines and dames .  GHAZI BAROTHA PROJECT is one the live example which impress the whole world . So please for more detail scroll down and get out the two button one is : Download Book from Link A and the other is : Download Book from Link B . Before downloading keep in mind this book is only for reading if you want to print or upload then please take permission from publisher or auther of the magazine .  So thanks once again to visit our blog . Pease keep in touch and enjoy nice and noble informative book free of cost . The publisher of the magazine is  GLOBAL SCIENCES , Pages of the magazine is 16 and format of the magazine is PDF .

Gardab by Asma Qadri Complete Pdf.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Gardab by Asma Qadri Complete Pdf.
 Gardab by Asma Qadri is a social romantic
Urdu novel.It was publishedin a monthly Digest.Over the past few years
 Asma Qadri is emergedas a very prolific writer.she chooses a variety
of topics to write about .She mainly writes fiction, and has
written legendary Urdu novels.Download free urdu
book/novel Gardab by Asma Qadri 
from here.Click on the link given below to download pdf. 

Zindagi phir se muskurai by Aliya Bukhari

Zindagi phir se muskurai by Aliya Bukhari

Zindagi phir se muskurai by Aliya Bukhari 

 is a social romantic Urdu novel . It was published
in a monthly Digest.Over the past few years
Aliya Bukhari has emerged as a very prolific writer.
She chooses a variety of topics to write about .
She mainly writes fiction.She has written some most
poupalr novels such as Dil se hisab na mango,
Rasta bhool na jana and aye khawab teri musafat.
Free Download or read online urdu book/ Novel
Zindagi phir se muskurai by Aliya Bukhari Bukhari 
from here.Click on the link below to download pdf.

Download Link  (MediaFire)

Yaqeen guman ki soorat novel by Aliya Hira

Yaqeen guman ki soorat novel by Aliya Hira

Yaqeen guman ki soorat by Aliya Hira is a social
romantic Urdu novel . It was published in a monthly
Digest.Over the past few years Aliya Hira has emerged
as a very prolific writer.She chooses a variety of
topics to write about .She mainly writes fiction, She has
written some beatuifal novles such as,Yeh dil yeh pagal
dil mera,Jugnoo jab sath hoon,and khizar e hayat.
Free Download or read online urdu book/  
Yaqeen guman ki soorat by Aliya Hira 
 from here.   Click on the link below 
to download pdf.

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