Umro Ayar Aur Shararti Chalawa By Athar Shaheen

Umro Ayar Shararti Chalawa

 Umro Ayar Ayr Shararti Chalwa By Athar Shaheen

Short Description
Umro ayar aur shararti chalawa book is authored by athar shaheen and tells a adventurous sci fi kids story of urmo ayar in urdu pdf language. This umro ayar book is posted into urdu kids stories pdf and athar shaheen urdu books free. Umro ayar was busy in his breakfast and a servant was sent by ameer hamza. He wanted to see umro ayar in darbar right that. So umro ayar stepped out of his home after having the breakfast. When he entered into darbar he found ameer hamza walking here and there from one side to another side of  takhat. He asked a question to umro ayar " did you hear anything of shararti chalawa?". Shararti what is that? umro ayar replied surprised. Few time ago some people came here and told me about shararti chalawa, who is teasing all the peoples by stealing their animals and other thing. people tried to catch him but they did not get succeed. so i called you to investigate about this evil and kill him so the people feel rest and peace.Use the below mentioned links to download umro ayar shararti chalawa urdu pdf  or read online umro ayar kids urdu stories urdu pdf free.

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