Auliy E Lahore Urdu Islamic PDF Book Free Download

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Auliy E Lahore Urdu Islamic PDF Book Free Download

Auliy E Lahore Urdu Islamic PDF Book Free Download

Peeran-e-Peer Urdu PDF Islamic Book Free Download

Peeran-e-Peer Urdu PDF Islamic Book Free Download

Peeran-e-Peer Urdu PDF Islamic Book Free Download

Qurbat-e-Marg Main Mohabat Urdu Pdf Novel By Mustansar Hussain Tarar

Qurbat-e-Marg Main Mohabat Urdu Pdf Novel By Mustansar Hussain Tarar

Qurbat-e-Marg Main Mohabat Urdu Pdf Novel By Mustansar Hussain Tarar

Qrardad e Mqasad Sy Islami Qanoon Tak Urdu Islamic PDF Book Free Download

Qrardad e Mqasad Sy Islami Qanoon Tak Urdu Islamic PDF Book Free Download

Qrardad e Mqasad Sy Islami Qanoon Tak Urdu Islamic PDF Book Free Download

Rain Basera Altaf Sawera Urdu PDF Book Free Download

Rain Basera Altaf Sawera Urdu PDF Book Free Download

Rain Basera Altaf Sawera Urdu PDF Book Free Download

Risala Hifaz-e-Hadees Urdu Islamic PDF Book

Risala Hifaz-e-Hadees Urdu Islamic PDF Book

Risala Hifaz-e-Hadees Urdu Islamic PDF Book

Voltaire Philosophy in Urdu Book by Qazi Javed PDF Free Download

Friday, March 30, 2018


قاضی جاوید

Voltaire Urdu Qazi Javed

Free download PDF or read the online book Voltaire (Roshan Khayali Ka Nomaida) written by Qazi Javed. A book about French scholar Voltaire with biography, work and Philosophy history in Urdu. Voltaire was a French Enlightenment essayist, antiquarian and a scholar well known for his mind, his assaults on the setup Catholic Church and Christianity all in all and his promotion of flexibility of religion, the right to speak freely and detachment of chapel and state.Voltaire is considered to be a prominent representative of French illustration. He struggled against all kinds of non-racism and prejudice. Its writings are so fond of all over the world and are considered socialist masterpieces.Voltaire was a flexible and productive author, delivering works in relatively every scholarly shape, including plays, sonnets, books, papers and authentic and logical works. He composed in excess of twenty thousand letters and in excess of two thousand books and pamphlets. This book is in Urdu as long as pages and downloadable filesize 1.7 Mb.You may read Qazi Javed Urdu books Jean Jacques Rosseau and Taleem Aur Samaji Nizam.
Voltaire books Urdu

Voltaire Philosophy Urdu

Al Qaeda Ka Doosra Roof by Tauqeer Abbas PDF Urdu Translated Book

القاعدہ کا دوسرا روپ

کامل طویل 

ترجمہ: توقیر عباس

Al Qaeda Doosra Roof

Al Qaeda Ka Doosra Roof free download in PDF or read online Urdu translation Arabic articles Quilliam release The Other face of Al-Qaeda written by Camille Tawil and translate into Urdu local language by Tauqeer Abbas. Al-Qaeda implies The Base is an activist Sunni Muslimist multi-national association established in 1988 by Osama receptacle Laden, Abdullah Azzam, and a few other Arab volunteers who battled against the Soviet intrusion of Afghanistan in the 1980s. The Arabic language newspaper "Al-Hayat" published a creative article containing al-Qaeda's six pieces of articles. This article is a summary of the research of the Arab journalist's perfect long-term. Along with al-Qaeda helping to expand public understanding, these articles Quilliam And the cooperation of Al-Jihad is co-production, Many of the opponents of the title provide sources that help them with al-Qaeda propaganda, interpretation, and personal representation and resolve these issues.All the information included in the book Bino Tune, a former Libyan leader, provided the perfect. These are the information that does not come before. This book is a key position for government policymakers, sensitive institutions, journalists, and people who want to better understand al-Qaeda. This Urdu translated book as long as 63 pages and PDF file size 1 MB. You may read Naye Saleebi Jang Aur Osama by Idrees Azad and Fath e Afghanistan by Mr. Mustafa Kamal Pasha

The following topics in this Urdu book:

  • Al Hayat ka Taruf
  • Afghanistan  per Hamla rokne ke leye Alqaeda Insani tabae ke Hatyaroon ki talash
  • Afganistan me Arboon aur Kabul ki difah
  • Iraq me Jihad Ki tabahi
  • Alkaida in Egypt
  • Salfi Group ki Jang
  • Aalmi Jihad Ki koshish

 The Other Face of Al Qaeda in Urdu by Camille Tawil Book Pages:

Al-Qaeda Urdu Book

Afghan war Urdu Books

Other Face Al Qaeda Urdu

Baba Sahiba by Ashfaq Ahmed PDF Books Urdu Free Download or Read

بابا صاحبا

اشفاق احمد

Baba Sahiba Ashfaq Ahmed

Free best Urdu books for download in pdf or read online this is a famous Urdu book Baba Sahiba by Ashfaq Ahmed. The fascinating thing about this Urdu book is It isn't arranged and distributed by Ashfaq Ahmed himself yet his significant other Bano Qudsiya went along his compositions and afterward distributed the book after his demise. As indicated by Bano Qudsiya, Ashfaq Ahmed was desperate all his life about the reason for human life. Bano Qudsia also Urdu stories writer she is likewise a notable Urdu creator and a female Urdu author. Banu Qudsia says that in the event that you truly need to investigate the identity of Ashfaq Ahmed then you should read this Urdu book Baba Sahiba. This Urdu book is about the instructor's life in Rome and their talks, at that point book will lead you to the discussion between two scholars, two journalists from their country, the book will likewise give you a chance to touch the parts of Sufism then after at some point it will begin investigating the connection amongst science and religion, you will then wind up in the middle of a valley of short expositions on various topics,then something different, at that point something unique. It is an arrangement of multi-dimensional fictionalized educational encounters of Ashfaq Ahmed Sahab.surely a decent book to peruse in the event that somebody wanna get humanity and good esteems portrayed by a genuine individual himself in the present quick and irate world. This sort of books can illuminate one's brain with a genuine importance of life and it's actual method for driving, and supplicate the same for myself and for everybody around. This book as long as 668 pages and downloadable file size 40 MB. You may be read Aik Mohabbat 100 Afsanay and Phulkari.

Ashfaq Ahmed Books in Urdu PDF Download Pages:

Ashfaq Ahmed

Baba Sahiba

Chagat by Saadat Hasan Manto Urdu Afsanay and Stories PDF Download

Thursday, March 29, 2018


سعادت حسن منٹو

Chagat Saadat Hasan Manto

Free download or read online best Urdu Afsana book Chagat written by Saadat Hasan Manto. Saadat Hasan Manto is commended as the best Urdu short story scholars of all circumstances, in spite of the fact that he drove a greatly troublesome and anguished life subsequent to moving to Pakistan not long after Partition.Saadat Hasan Manto was a best and most famous essayist writer, story Author, and Afsana writer he belongs to Aisa Pakistan and India. He created twenty-two accumulations of Urdu novelette, five arrangement of Pakistan radio plays, a novel, 3 accumulations of expositions, and 2 accumulations of individual portrayals.Now this book is in Urdu language download in PDF format. this storybook as long as 166 pages and downloadable file 12 MB. You may be read Ek Mard and Manto Kay So Behtreen Afsanay

The following short stories in Urdu:

  • Aik Khat
  • Daras
  • Chagad
  • Parhye Kalma
  • Mas Ten Wala
  • Babu Gopi Nath
  • Mera Nam Radha hay
  • Janki
  • Fanch Din (Five Days)

Urdu Afsanay Book Free Download in PDF Pages:

Saadat hasan manto Afsanay
Urdu Afsanay

Short stories Urdu

Imam Hassan (R.A) K 100 Islami Waqiat In Urdu by Gulzar Ahmed PDF

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

سیدنا امام حسن رضی اللہ عنہ کے سو واقعات

قاری گلزاراحمد مدنی 

Imam Hassan100 Islami Waqiat

Hazrat Imam Hasan ibne Ali (R.A) Ke 100 Waqiat was written by Qari Gulzar Ahmed Madni, free download book of Islamic waqia in Urdu PDF format or read online. Hazrat Hassan R.A is the eldest son of Nabi e Kareem Hazrat Muhammad Sale Allah Ale Wale Wasalam daughter Fatimah R.A and of Hazrat Ali (R.A), and the older brother to Hussian. Muslims respect him as a grandson of the Islamic Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) Islamic stories in Urdu or Islamic Waqiat in Urdu PDF book is the best historical Urdu book for all Muslims. Read true Islamic Waqiat of Nawas e Rasool (SAWW) Syedna Imam Hasan Razi Allah Hanu. This book as long as 162 pages and downloadable file size 3.3 MB. You may read  

Islamic Stories in Urdu PDF Book Download Pages:

Hasan ibn Ali
Imam Hasan

Tilism e Hoshafza Science Fiction Novel Urdu by Ashfaq Ahmed PDF

طلسم ہوش افزا

اشفاق احمد

Tilism e Hoshafza

Download another best Urdu story and novel Talism e HoshAfza composed by Ashfaq Ahmed read online or get free PDF copy and enjoy, this is a Science Fiction Novel in Urdu local language. Ashfaq Ahmed was best author, dramatist, and telecaster from Asia Pakistan. He composed a few books in Urdu national language. His works included books, Novels, Afsanay, short stories, and plays for Radio and TV. He was granted President's Pride of Performance and Sitara-I-Imtiaz for worthy administrations in the field of writing and broadcasting. Must be read Couldn't quit perusing subsequent to beginning the book. Gripping and interesting.One feels like one is tuning in (and not perusing) to genuine intriguing stories and can't hold up to achieve its end. Ashfaq Saab truly was a decent storyteller; "A Daastan Gou". You also download or read Ashfaq Ahmed books in Urdu Phulkari and Man Chalay Ka Sauda.

The stories in this book:

  • Qasas
  • Malak Maruwat
  • Malak Soni
  • Che Chakya Bates
  • Saeed Junior
  • Akhri Jumla
  • Kehkshan Taxi Stand
  • Pori Jan Kari
  • Qalare
  • Badni Zarurat
  • Bolta Bandar
  • Kot Waddu Power House

Talism Hoshafza Novel Online reading or Free Download Pages:

Science Fiction Novel

Agay Samandar Hai By Intizar Hussain Novel in Urdu PDF Download

آگے سمندر ہے

 انتظار حسین 

Free download or read online Urdu book Agay Samandar Hai authored by Intizar Hussain.Who was a Pakistani essayist of Urdu books, short stories, Urdu Shayari and true to life writer. He is generally perceived as a main artistic figure of Pakistan. This is a Novel in Urdu Story about life in Karachi after the Partition of Hindustan (India and Pakistan). A tale about a young fellow who has quite recently made the outing of his life, surrendering his origination in India for a fantasy nation, called Pakistan. Beginning starting with no outside help in the recently settled city of Karachi, which before Partition was generally obscure, yet after the Partition is abruptly supported by an enormous number of enthusiastic and lively Muslims prepared to lead from the front. Is a shocking story of dissatisfaction and disillusionment and how the "splendid desire" of another place where there is the Pure, to be specific Pakistan, has been appallingly misrepresented and that it has turned into a nation of weapons and silly brutality. The novel is numerous things, about aching and misfortune and wistfulness about the creator's home in Uttar Pradesh (Hindustan) before movement; and about rotting urban areas and maturing. There is no organized plot as such in the novel. The writer is likely the best Urdu novel essayist in Urdu right now on the planet. Now download PDF copy of this novel this novel as long as 253 pages and downloadable file 15 MB. You may be read Tatariyon Ki Yalghar by Aziz Ahmed and Target Pakistan Tha by Tariq Ismail Sagar.

Intazar Hussian Urdu Novel Free download PDF Pages:

Agay Samandar Hai
Intizar Hussain Novels

Allama Iqbal Aur Gujrat by Dr. Muneer Ahmed Free PDF Urdu Book

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

اقبال اور گجرات

 ڈاکٹر محمد منیر احمد

Allama Iqbal Aur Gujrat

Free download PDF copy or read online Urdu book Iqbal Aur Gujrat written by Dr. Muhammad Muneer Ahmed Saleech. The first edition published by Saleech Publication Gujrat. this book about most famous eastern philosopher and poet Allama Iqbal read about family life and biography of Shahir Mashraq Allama Muhammad Iqbal. Allama Iqbal was a writer, logician, politician, and government official, and also a scholastic, attorney and researcher in British India who is broadly viewed as having roused the Pakistan Movement. He is known as the "Profound Father of Pakistan." He is viewed as a standout amongst the most imperative figures in Urdu writing, with artwork in both Urdu and Persian. Iqbal is respected as a noticeable artist by Indians, Pakistanis, Iranians and other global researchers of writing. In spite of the fact that Iqbal is best known as a famous writer, he is likewise an exceptionally acclaimed "Muslim philosophical mastermind of present day times". Now This book available here free download with total six chapters in this book and book as long as 416 pages and file size 5.3 MB. I am alos shared Jawahir e Allama Iqbal poetry collection and read Zabur e Ajam Urdu translation by Allama Iqbal Farsi poetry book.

The Following chapters in this book

  • Iqbal ke Buzrag aur Gujrat
  • Iqbal ka Musrshad Khana
  • Iqbal ka Susral (Mulaqat Karne Wale)
  • Iqbal Shanasi Me Kujrat Ka kirdar
  • Shura e Gujrat
  • Poetry about Iqbal

Allama Iqbal Biography and Family life Urdu Book Free Download Pages:

Allama Iqbal books
Allama Iqbal Biography

Chancellor Urdu Novel by Rizwan Ali Ghuman PDF Free Download


 رضوان علی گھمن

Chancellor Urdu Novel

Chancellor Urdu Novel is a devoted story of German Chancellor. The stories of Pakistani and Indian agents and secret activities in Germany and Switzerland this is full Fiction and Spy (Jasoosi) novel in Urdu about hidden agents works in Europe written by Rizwan Ali Ghuman. This Urdu book depends on anecdotal occasions and stories of various mystery administrations like RAW and ISI and so forth. The story is for the most part centered around the mystery exercises of ISI specialists in Germany and Switzerland. Rizwan Ali Ghuman is the new young Urdu novels writer and traveler he writes both novels from the foreign countries, who created some fantastic books in a brief period. He is settled in Germany and knew the torments and issues of the abroad individuals. today Rizwan Ali Ghuman enjoy life in Europe Germany. Now free download PDF or read online this Urdu stories book from this blog.You can also read Doosra Khuda and Muhajir Urdu Novel.

Spy and Jasoosi Urdu Novel Free Download PDF Pages:

Fiction novel Urdu
spy story Urdu

Kitab Al-Kulliyat by Ibn e Rushd Hikmat Books Urdu Free Download

کتاب الکلیات

محمد ابن رشد

hikmat books in urdu

This study of the original Urdu edition of the book or download in PDF. This is old medical urdu translation famoue hikmat book Kitab Al-Kulliyat writtten by Abu'al-Walid Muhammad Ibn Ahmad Ibn Muhammad Ibn Rushd who is most famouse Spanish Muslim Physician, Philosopher, Astronomer and Jurist, Ibn Rushd referred to toward the West as Averroes, is renowned for his analyses on Aristotle, which were broadly utilized as standard writings until the 16 century. This assemblage of work earned him the designation "the Commentator." He is additionally associated with his medicinal treatise Kulliyat and philosophical work Tahafut at-tahafut. Kitab Al-Kulliyat now this historical book is translated in to Urdu language. This book as long as 463 pages and downloadable PDF file size 7 MB. You may read Tareekh e Tibb by Hakeem Syed Muhammad Hasaan and Tibb e Luqmani by Hakeem Ghulam Mustafa Hasil Puri.

The follwing chapters in this book:

  • Kitab al Tashreeh Azah
  • Kitabul Sehat
  • Kitab Al Marz
  • Kitab al Malamat
  • Kitab al Adwiya wal Gizaia
  • Kitabul Hifa Al Sehat
  • Kitab Ashifa Alamraz

 Hikmat Books Urdu Free Download
tib e unani

books in Urdu

Urdu Poetry Book Intkhab e Majeed by Saadulallah Shah PDF Download

Monday, March 26, 2018

انتخاب مجید امجد

 سعداللہ شاہ

Urdu Poetry Book

Free download or read online Urdu Shayari ghazal book in pdf format written by Sadullah Shah.Get free Urdu poetry book from this blog the collection of Urdu Shayari. Intikhab e Majeed is the masterpiece of author Sadullah Shah. This book as long as 282 pages and downloadable file size 3 .2 MB. Saadullah Shah Ghazals, Nazam, and Shayari available in Urdu, free access to ghazal Ebooks of Saadullah Shah.Is a collection of Urdu Poems, classical romantic ghazals, Urdu traditional Shayari of the poet. You can also read Qarya e Laila by Ameen Asim and Naqsh e Awwal by Dr. Aleem Usmani.

Shayari in Urdu Book
Intkhab e Majeed

Great Indian Circus in Urdu by Khushwant Singh Books PDF Download

Sunday, March 25, 2018

گریٹ انڈین سرکس

 خوش ونت سنگ

Great Indian Circus in Urdu

Notes On Great Indian Circus in Urdu written by Khushwant Singh and translate into the Urdu language by Muhammad Usman Saeed and Published by Asif Javed. Notes on the Great Indian Circus is a gathering of publications and articles composed by Khushwant Singh, on a shifted scope of points. The initial two parts of the book make for a decent history reading material, managing political and social issues of the post-freedom time. A few occasions that shape the India of today. This determination unites the best of Khushwant Singh's articles from a wide assortment of magazines and daily papers and records his supreme recognitions in Parliament, filmstar MPs, control, and communalism. Containing pieces on subjects going from Kentucky Fried Chicken to the Kumbh Mela, the Golden Temple to the death of Rajiv Gandhi, Osho to Bhindranwale, and smut to family arranging, this is a savvy, real to life and provocative gathering books in PDF format for free download or read online in local national language. you may be read Azaadi-e-Hind by Abu Kalam Azad Indian History and Arthashastra in Urdu by Shan ul Haque Haqi

Khushwant Singh Short Stories Collection Urdu Book PDF Pages:

Khushwant Singh Books
Khushwant Singh Urdu
Khushwant Singh Books Urdu

Thanda Gosht by Saadat Hasan Manto Afsanay Urdu PDF Free Download

  ٹھنڈا گوشت  

سعادت حسن منٹو

Thanda Gosht by Manto

Free download Urdu afsanay or short stories book Thanda Gosht written by Saadat Hasan Manto. Thanda Gosht means cold Meat. Thanda Gosht is a true to life short story composed by Saadat Hasan Manto. The book was first distributed in a scholarly magazine in March 1950 in Pakistan. Later it was distributed by Sang-e-Meel Publications. Manto was accused of profanity for this story and confronted a trial in criminal court. The story is about the public savagery of 1947. Ishwar Singh, a Sikh neglects to have intercourse with his special lady. She associates him with treachery and In an attack of envy, she cuts her better half with his own particular knife. While biting the dust, Ishwar Singh concedes his wrongdoing of endeavored assault with an oblivious Muslim young lady, who was really dead. Hence the title Icy Flesh or cold fish, it depicted brutal truth of society so welland very amazing urdu novelette download in PDF format or read onlinefrom this ebooks internet libary. You may be read more Afanay books in Urdu Ek Mard and Khali Botlain Khali Dabbay

Urdu Short Story Thanda Gosht by Sadat Hasan Manto book Pages:

Manto afsanay
Thanda Gosht

Anarkali by Saadat Hasan Manto Books in Urdu Afsanay or Novelettes


سعادت حسن منٹو‬‎

Anarkali by Saadat Hasan Manto

Free download Saadat Hasan Manto books in Urdu or read online. Now you browsing Anarkali book written by Saadat Hasan Manto. Saadat Hasan Manto was an essayist, Urdu story creator, and writer conceived in Asia India. He created 22 accumulations of short stories, a novel, five arrangement of radio plays, three accumulations of articles, two accumulations of individual portrayals. His best short stories are held in high regard by authors and commentators. Manto was known to expound on the abominable realities that nobody set out to discuss. Manto is best known for his stories about the parcel of the subcontinent instantly the following autonomy in 1947. He took the name of the Urdu book from authentic character Anarkali. A celebrated Anarkali advertise additionally arranged in Lahore. Saadat Hasan Manto was an unbelievable essayist of Urdu. He is viewed as one of the best story essayist (Afsana Nigar) in Urdu writing. He was a story essayist, writer, scholarly and dramatist. Manto composed numerous books which are distributing for a long time. He had a place with the dynamic development of the scholars. Now download in PDF format all Urdu books and literature. You may be read Ganjay Farishtay and Siyah Hashiye.

Ten following Urdu short stories collection of Manto in this book:
  • Anarkali
  • Naeema
  • Badtameezi
  • Qadra Qasai
  • Khud Kushi
  • Peshawar Se Lahore Tak
  • Bijli Pehlwan 
  • Ek Zahida Ek Fahisha
  • Sheeda
  • Budha Khosat

Urdu Short Stories and Afsanay PDF Free Download Pages:

Urdu Afsanay and Novelette
Saadat Hasan Manto Books

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