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muqaddas Urdu novel by Hashim Nadeem
Download or read on line another great Urdu Novel "Muqaddas" written by Mr. Hashim Nadeem. This novel is very attractive, beautiful story and a very great Job of Mr. Hashim Nadeem. This novel will soon be published in English language with name "The Scared". The writer Mr. Hashim Nadeem is also a renown screenwriter, He got famous when his novel "Khuda Aur Mohabbat" was Dramatized. The drama gave another identity and a huge fans to the author Mr. Hashim Nadeem. He is one of the most famous Urdu novelists in Pakistan even has written only a few Urdu novels. Muqaddas Urdu novel is also one of his few but famous Urdu novels.

The efforts of Mr. Hashim Nadeem in the field of novels and Urdu literature are no doubt appreciable. He is the favorite writer of the new generation in Pakistan. All of his novels were appreciated not only in Pakistan but out side of Pakistan too.

The story of this Urdu novel e.g Muqaddas is about the tragedy of 9/11. The story in this novel is inside the American city New York. According to Hashim Nadeem every religion is holy for its followers and this story is about to search real destination of life.

Sample Pages of the Urdu Novel "Muqaddas" By Hashim Nadeem

sample page of the Urdu novel Muqaddas by hashim Nadeem

sample page of Muqaddas Urdu pdf novel

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